Rudy is a retired patrol canine from Huntington Beach, CA Police Department. He served his country for 8 outstanding years. He was retird in September of 2011 due to an injury he sustained at work while training to locate a felony subject. Now Rudy has severe arthritis in both his elbows, his right wrist, spine, and hips. Tendons in both his knees are damaged too. This has caused weakness in his back end to the point he keeps his tail down all the time because he is too weak to lift it. A few months ago he was diagnosed with Fibrotic Myopathy of the right semintendonosis (the tendon in this rear leg). It causes him to “throw” this leg forward to walk and recently the left semitendonosis began showing signs of FM. This aggravates the other injuries. He became wobbly and would occasionally loose his balance and fall. Retired Paws is glad we are able to assist Rudy with laser therapy to ease some of his joint pain. Please donate to help canines like Rudy.

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