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Thank you for visiting Retired Paws.  Retired Paws is a registered non-profit organization that is tax exempt under 501(c)(3).  All of your donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Please click the link to the right to help these four-legged heroes live a safe, healthy, and long retirement.  The link to the right takes you to a secure payment method utilizing PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to donate.

If you would like to send a check, money order, or cash you can mail your donation to:

Retired Paws
PO Box 27733
Tucson, AZ 85726
Be sure to have a return address or enclose an email address in the envelope and a receipt will be mailed/emailed to you.  
Thank you for your support.  It is greatly appreciated.  
No donation is too little! 

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