Dr. Lauren Genow

Dr. Lauren Genow is a veterinarian in Tucson, AZ specializing in acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, Chinese herbology, and integrative care for both large and small animals, including exotic species. After graduating from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, she founded Prickly Pear Holistic Veterinary Care and is certified in veterinary acupuncture, (Chi Institute, Reddick, FL), Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (The Healing Oasis Wellness Center, Sturtevant, WI), and is a member of the College of Animal Chiropractors (CoAC). Before returning to school to pursue veterinary medicine, she worked as a nationally certified American Sign Language Interpreter (RID CI and CT) which highlighted the importance of keeping service and working animals optimally healthy so that they can meet the physical and emotional demands of their work. She is proud to serve as a Retired Paws board member to help ensure that working dogs receive excellent veterinary care, even post-service.

Greg LaLonde

Greg LaLonde is a board member and volunteer for Retired Paws.  Greg has been a law enforcement officer since 1999 and has been a canine handler/trainer since 2005.  

Hal Henning

Hal Henning holds an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and is currently the Public Safety Director for the City of Sand Point Alaska. He has over 20 years of  experience in Law Enforcement, during which time he served as a Patrol Officer, K9 Officer, Public Information Officer, Community Services Officer and Chief of Police. He has also served in the Major Crimes Unit, Domestic Abuse Task Force and most importantly, the Retired Paws Board. 

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Chris Dudding

Thank you for your interest in Retired Paws!  I am a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and have been a canine handler for 11 years.  I became a canine instructor in 2007 and I am also a National Police Canine Association Certifying Official.  During my canine career, I have had the honor to be the handler for three different canines.Read More

Bill Akins

Thank you for visiting Retired Paws.  In July of 2011 I had an idea to help retired law enforcement canines; with a lot of help from many people my idea became a reality.  I am currently a United States Border Patrol Agent Canine Instructor.  I have been working with detection canines for over 10 years and I love everything about the canine program.  Throughout my career working with canines, I have become amazed and I am in awe of some of the capabilities that these four-legged heroes can do.  I know there were times my canine probably saved my life and some of the lives of the Agents that I was working with. I feel a great sense of gratitude to my partner, but I also feel I owe her something for everything that she has done for me and this country. I wanted to set up this organization to aid the canines once they retire from law enforcement to help them live a better life.Read More

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