Canine Lana is a retired detection canine from the Laredo Sheriff’s Department and the United States Customs. She worked for U.S. Customs from September of 2006 until May of 2011. She retired due to hip dysplasia but was able to work for Laredo Sheriff’s Department in the Webb County Jail. She continued to work until her second retirement in December of 2013. What a great career she had.

Since retiring, Lana was adopted by her original handler and has been enjoying the last five years as a great pet and family member. Lana is a little over 14 years old and with that, comes some health issues. Her hip condition has worsened and she had a stroke in January where the veterinarian prescribed steroids. She recently developed spondylosis and was diagnosed with a tumor near her spleen. The veterinarian does not recommend surgery due to Lana’s age. It is in Lana’s best interest to keep her on pain meds (which are expensive) and to switch her to prescribed kidney diet dog food which only the vet sells.

Retired Paws is always happy to pay for these expensive medical bills.

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