Retired Minneapolis Police Department dual purpose canine Gunnar served proudly from May of 2013 until his retirement in May of 2015. Recently, K9 Gunnar fell ill and was losing a lot weight. On October 30, 2018, an ultrasound was administered where a mass was discovered on his spleen along with two more masses on his lower intestines. Emergency surgery was conducted to remove his spleen and to conduct six biopsies. We all know that routine veterinary care can be expensive, so it is no surprise that emergency surgery to remove his spleen was a big financial burden to K9 Gunnar’s family. Retired Paws was happy to pay for this surgery.

Unfortunately, K9 Gunnar was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma in his lymph nodes, small intestine and liver. K9 Gunnar is only 6.5 years old and is a fighter; he began chemotherapy to aggressively treat the cancer. We are all rooting for K9 Gunnar and wish him the best of luck during his treatments. We are hopeful that with his young age and fighting spirit, he will beat this terrible disease.

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