Bill Akins

Thank you for visiting Retired Paws.  In July of 2011 I had an idea to help retired law enforcement canines; with a lot of help from many people my idea became a reality.  I am currently a United States Border Patrol Agent Canine Instructor.  I have been working with detection canines for over 10 years and I love everything about the canine program.  Throughout my career working with canines, I have become amazed and I am in awe of some of the capabilities that these four-legged heroes can do.  I know there were times my canine probably saved my life and some of the lives of the Agents that I was working with. I feel a great sense of gratitude to my partner, but I also feel I owe her something for everything that she has done for me and this country. I wanted to set up this organization to aid the canines once they retire from law enforcement to help them live a better life.

Many times, once the canine is retired from service, the handler or family that adopts the canine is responsible for caring for all the needs the canine may require.  Due to the of the nature of the job that these canines performed, the canines often require more medical treatment/aid than a regular domestic canine.  These canines routinely work in extremely hot and cold temperatures, they are constantly active and many times they walk miles in the desert or other rough terrain on a daily basis.  They push their bodies to the limits to protect the handler and the general population.  Retired Paws intends to lessen the burden of the financial responsibility required to take care of these heroes later in life.  Please donate now. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Please email me at if you have any questions or comments.

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