Barry is a retired detection canine from U.S. Customs. He worked at the Port of Champlain in New York from October of 2006 until September of 2013. During his very successful career, Barry was responsible for seizing tens of millions of dollars worth of narcotics, and he was the first canine on the northern border to find two humans being smuggled on a boat!

Since retiring, Barry moved to Texas to relax and enjoy his well-deserved retirement. Unfortunately, in March of 2017, Barry was diagnosed with herniated discs in his back and neck which caused him terrible pain and lameness in his front and rear legs. He was almost completely immobile. Barry needed to have surgery to improve his quality of life.

Barry underwent a six hour surgery and we are very happy to say he is doing well and recovering. He has regained a lot of mobility in his front legs and he is able to get up on his own. He is improving every day. This was not a cheap operation and Retired Paws was happy to assist.

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